Friday, October 31, 2008

recovery / swaps / is it holiday time?

Next time I open my mouth to offer my help with someone elses project, would one of you all stuff a sock in me. I loved helping, but it took sooooooo much more time than I had anticipated.
I was guessing at 4 or 5 hours, it turned into almost 48 total.
She was very gratefull, and rewarded me for my help, but wow.

I love me my yarn swaps and projects. My current swap I am in Swap on a Budget is slow going this round. My spoilee has not posted but a very few times making it hard to decide what to get her. I have a "generic" box of goodies ready, but wanted to make it personal and special just for her.
On the Spoiler front, I have no clue whi it is and that is half the fun. I have been trying to be chatty enough on theboards, as well as post here about my yarn goings on to help them. I hoep they have enough to go on.
I might be picking uip a great dresser to hold all my yarn this afternoon. It is 68" long, 18" deep and 30" high. It has 9 drawers to be filled with yarny goodness. I hope one day to have it filled that is. Right now I could fill some of it, but not anywhere near all. It will be nice to be able to spread out my yarn by type and color though.

I am ready for the holidays to begin please. I love the cooking and family time of Thanksgiving, and the Peace and Comfort that came to us through Jesus at Christmas. This is going to be a happy holiday season this year as I am focusing on feelings not things. I as well as most people I know have more than enough things in their lives. It is time to get back in touch with our feelings. Maybe mend a bridge or two with family, maybe reach out to some friends. One never knows where the spirit of the heart might lead.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Funny how something as simple as a cold can make you feel so rundown.
The simplest tasks suddenly feel very complicated.
Yesterday I ran 3 small errands, but it took almost 3 hours and I just wanted to crash when I was done. I did go home and have a nap.
I actually am a big fan of naps. It is amazing what a good 30 minutes can do to revitalize your day. I would schedule one in my daily plans if that were possible.

On the crafting front there is not much going on.
I have 2 scarves to work on, and 5 dishcloths to make.
I also have a special someone that I want to make a shawl for, but that is on hold for a few days.
I just received my last sp12 box in the mail and it had some very pretty sock yarn in it. That means I need to bite the bullet and make some socks, or at least try to.
I was a very bad girl and ordered some great yarn ina super bulky to make myself a felted bag.
I can't wait for it to arrive.

Well, thats about it in my world for now. If you stop by, feel free to leave me a note.
Oh, and please be prayign for a friend that is going through surgery, and a small boy who is very ill.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Swap On A Budget Fall Edition

Yeah, my favorite swap has started up round 3. I am so enjoying this one.
I have had great spoilers both times before this and am sure I will again this time also.
I love the stalking involved with learning about the new person I get to spoil all for $20.00.
That makes it both challenging and fun.
So far my new spoilee is not posting much at all. That does make it more difficult. Still doeable, but difficult.

Now for info that my spoiler might be able to use.
Reynolds lite lopi is a new fvorite yarn for me to work with.
I have very little of it and would welcome more in almost any color.
I love Noro yarn all versions.
I am in love with all the colorways that have purple in them. :)
I like office supplies alot.
I enjoy a bunch of little things from dollar stores as treats. (note to self remind hubby of that.)
I usually fixate on a new stitch or pattern till I have it as close to perfect as I can get it.
A stitch a day type thingy for crochet would be awesome.

I am actually easily pleased and just enjoy hte process quite often.
I know I will love anything you get me.
I will try to post something each week to help you in case you get stuck for ideas.


Strange title I know, but work rant on the way.
At work they always want me to keep them informed of when groups are comign so that they can plan accordingly. But do theyreciprocate NO!!!!!
Today I have not 1 or 2 but 3 groups using the building nad they have a man out there painting all thje doors and frames. I mean come on. Use logic. Wet paint na many hand needing to open doors = disaster. To top it off the "painter" had no wet paint signs to put up.
Rand ove and I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ups and Downs

Let me start by saying that Weight Watchers works when you follow the program.
I however have not been following the program, which is why I was up 3/4 of a pound this week.
I took a pulled muscle as an excuse to eat more instead of being just as if not more careful than normal. Now I know that it is a very good thing to write down what I eat so I can see patterns and try to make corrections, but I have been really slack about that recently.
Tonight I had the offer to stay home from the meeting because I knew I was going to be up a bit. Well, I needed to go to a meeting more than ever because of being up.
The support, advice and tips one gets are inaluable to success.
Till next week..............