Monday, December 7, 2009

What a day or in other words what a pain.

Wow, today started off with a bang.
Awake at 4am due to both of us being on opposite shifts.
Husband decided ot play computer games till almost 6am.
By this time I have no hope of getting any more sleep.
I so wanted to fall into the habit of allowing food to fix it all.
I did not however do that.
Instead I had a small breakfast, my vitamin and some water.
Then I went to the gym at 6:30am.
Did 1 1/4 miles on the treadmill then came to work.
Not sure how I am going to reslove the underlying issues, but I will sure try.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting out on a New yet Old journey!

Some of you may know and some may not, but I have entered the next phase of my weight loss journey. There are so many pitfalls out there that need not only to be avoided, but I must learn how to deal with them when they do come up. One of hte steps I took after many months of thinking about it was to have bariatric surgery. No matter what people might say, it is not cheating, it is not a quick fix. It is however a tool to be used to change and in some cases save your life. It means knowing htat I must exercise in some form every day. I must learn to not eat things that could cause me to fall into old bad habits. It means learning how to live without some of my favorite things. It is WORTH it to be health again. It is still going to be a long and slow process which is good since that means Ihave time to learn and to adjust to the new way of lving.

My crafting goes on in spurts. I will crochet like a madwoman for days then might not picl up a hook for a month. Ihave been obsessed with shawls recently, and well as buying sock yarn. The funny thing is I do not make socks, but the yarn is so soft and colorful that it is a new favorite.
I want to start making felted bags again as well as learn some new stitches and patterns. One day when the time is right I will learn to knit. There are way more options out there for knitters than for those of us that crochet.

Work continues to go well. I really love working for my church. They have been such a great source of support in all that I do. With Christmas coming up it is our busy season and that makes me happy. I would much rather have too much to do than not enough. Sadly ther is a lot of serious illness around here lately and that does add some stress to the day. All that any of us can do is pray for those that are ill and offer our help when it is needed.

Home life is as it is. Not good, not horrible but just there. Yes I still have some decisions I need to make on this frint, but I am sure that when the time is right that all will be clear to me. My 2 fur babies are thriving in this weather. MooMoo my old man kitty uses the cooler weather as an excuse to snuggle as much as I let him get away with. Mattie loves that we have not had snow yet sicne that means she is still allowed outside. I have an on again off again affair with housecleaning. If any of you organizing types need a challange, give me a holler.

I will try to update more than once every 4 or 5 months. I think putting things down where not only I but others can read them will help hold me accountable. Til next time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vampires are not the only ones to bite.

I thought maybe a catchy title would be a nice change.
It is true though, not only vamps bite a person.
Everyone of us is capeable of taking a chunck out of a person.
It might not be literal (at least I hope not), but we can tear out chunks
of each other.
Now to explain what I mean.
We so very often hurt the ones we love the most.
Sometimes we see it, but usually we don't.
Each time that we do it is like tearing a a chunck out of them.
Now if we do realize that we are hurting our loved ones,
why do we do it?
I can only answer for myself.
It usually means for me that it is a form of controll.
If I am upset then why aren't you?
Now this in no way makes it the right thing to do but it still happens.
There are days that we tear out a hunk of ourselves as well.
It is almost easier to hurt ourself than to hurt another.
Sometimes the love for someone wins out over our selfish nature.
Then the hurt is easier to deal with.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

Wow, 2 posts in just under a week.
This is probably a record for me. :)

Yesterday I had children's time at church.
It went well even though the kids had many more
questions than I had been ready for.
Usually they are very quiet. :)

I thought you all might want to see apicture of the living conditions
where I plan on going next year.

These are typical living conditions for the poeple that live on the bateys.
A great many people are involved with sugarcane as a source of income.
They have so little in material terms, yet their spiritual life is so very rich.
Ther are times when we all have what I call "poor me" syndrom.
All we need to do is look around to see just how good we have it.
On the crafting front, Ihave not 1 but 2 shawls that I really need to finish this week.
One is for a birthday on Wednesday. Yeah I know, nothing like waiting for
the last minute. The other can actually be finished when it is finished, but
my goal is to do it this week.
Tonight is my last computer class. It is on publisher.
I think this will be the most fun of all of them since I use it
to do all my newsletters and my weekly bulletins.
I do hope that the teacher is organized and ready to go right on time.
Well, I think that is all for now so will try to post again in about a week.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long time no blog

Hi all. It has beena long time since my last entry.
I fell out of hte habit about the same time I fell off
the Weight Watchers wagon. I had been using htis as
as additional accountability feature. I should have
kept it up even after I left the group.

Oh well, on to new things and to new goal.
Next February my church has its annual
missions trip to LaRomana in the Dominican Republic.
I am going to go with them. Now the cost is huge and
way out of my reach, but a very generous lady has offered to
pay for most of it. All I have to do is get my
passport and the shots. That still leaves a chuck of change to
come up with. I figure about $600.00 or so.
I am asking that all friends and family that want to
make a small contribution toward this missions trip
instead of birthday gifts or anything like that.
I am so excited and I stil have a year to wait.

The other big project is going to be getting in shape for
the trip. It is very warm down there and right now my
weight would make that very uncomfortable for me.
My goal is to be at or under 200lbs by the trip.
That is very doable, but I will need your help.
Please do not offer me goodies and treats that are not healthy.
I am weak willed and will not say no. I give you freely
my permission to ask me what I am doing if you see me
eating things that are bad for me. :) I may grumble, but
just remind me that I said you could tell me about it.
I am also going to try to improve my cardio health this
year by walking as much as I can to as many places
as I can. Feel free to join me for a nightly walk if you want.
My goal is to get back to walking 4 miles at a time at least
two times a week plus a small 1 mile walk 3 times a week.

On the crafting front I have many, many unfinished
projects to work on. Scarves, shawls, and an almost 2 year old single
fingerless glove. One day it might have a mate. There is always
hope. Due to my goal to save money for my trip I am
going to try to severly limit my yarn purchasses this year.
If you however wish to do so for me, I shall gladly accept. :)
I love Noro, Malabrigo, Peacefleece, Alpaca, and oh so many more.

I am in another round of swap on a budget.
A great group of people that each have a goal of
spending $20.00 to put together a nice package for another person.
With that in mind and in case my spoiler is reading
2nd hand books are great in my opinion. I am very open to
anything you think I might like. I will try to post more often
during the swap to help you get to know me a little better.
I would love a water bottle holder or a felted coffee mug
sleeve. Just a coulpe ideas in case you are looking. :)

Well, this is a lot longer than I had planned so I had better close it off for now.
Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.