Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vampires are not the only ones to bite.

I thought maybe a catchy title would be a nice change.
It is true though, not only vamps bite a person.
Everyone of us is capeable of taking a chunck out of a person.
It might not be literal (at least I hope not), but we can tear out chunks
of each other.
Now to explain what I mean.
We so very often hurt the ones we love the most.
Sometimes we see it, but usually we don't.
Each time that we do it is like tearing a a chunck out of them.
Now if we do realize that we are hurting our loved ones,
why do we do it?
I can only answer for myself.
It usually means for me that it is a form of controll.
If I am upset then why aren't you?
Now this in no way makes it the right thing to do but it still happens.
There are days that we tear out a hunk of ourselves as well.
It is almost easier to hurt ourself than to hurt another.
Sometimes the love for someone wins out over our selfish nature.
Then the hurt is easier to deal with.

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puggerhugger said...

Happy Easter, meaniepants. Love you