Friday, October 17, 2008

Swap On A Budget Fall Edition

Yeah, my favorite swap has started up round 3. I am so enjoying this one.
I have had great spoilers both times before this and am sure I will again this time also.
I love the stalking involved with learning about the new person I get to spoil all for $20.00.
That makes it both challenging and fun.
So far my new spoilee is not posting much at all. That does make it more difficult. Still doeable, but difficult.

Now for info that my spoiler might be able to use.
Reynolds lite lopi is a new fvorite yarn for me to work with.
I have very little of it and would welcome more in almost any color.
I love Noro yarn all versions.
I am in love with all the colorways that have purple in them. :)
I like office supplies alot.
I enjoy a bunch of little things from dollar stores as treats. (note to self remind hubby of that.)
I usually fixate on a new stitch or pattern till I have it as close to perfect as I can get it.
A stitch a day type thingy for crochet would be awesome.

I am actually easily pleased and just enjoy hte process quite often.
I know I will love anything you get me.
I will try to post something each week to help you in case you get stuck for ideas.

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