Friday, October 31, 2008

recovery / swaps / is it holiday time?

Next time I open my mouth to offer my help with someone elses project, would one of you all stuff a sock in me. I loved helping, but it took sooooooo much more time than I had anticipated.
I was guessing at 4 or 5 hours, it turned into almost 48 total.
She was very gratefull, and rewarded me for my help, but wow.

I love me my yarn swaps and projects. My current swap I am in Swap on a Budget is slow going this round. My spoilee has not posted but a very few times making it hard to decide what to get her. I have a "generic" box of goodies ready, but wanted to make it personal and special just for her.
On the Spoiler front, I have no clue whi it is and that is half the fun. I have been trying to be chatty enough on theboards, as well as post here about my yarn goings on to help them. I hoep they have enough to go on.
I might be picking uip a great dresser to hold all my yarn this afternoon. It is 68" long, 18" deep and 30" high. It has 9 drawers to be filled with yarny goodness. I hope one day to have it filled that is. Right now I could fill some of it, but not anywhere near all. It will be nice to be able to spread out my yarn by type and color though.

I am ready for the holidays to begin please. I love the cooking and family time of Thanksgiving, and the Peace and Comfort that came to us through Jesus at Christmas. This is going to be a happy holiday season this year as I am focusing on feelings not things. I as well as most people I know have more than enough things in their lives. It is time to get back in touch with our feelings. Maybe mend a bridge or two with family, maybe reach out to some friends. One never knows where the spirit of the heart might lead.


puggerhugger said...

1. Can't wait to see pictures of dresser! That is neat!
2. Sorry you had to use up so much time with projects. I'll be glad to stuff socks in your mouth. LOLLOL
3. Pray for me that a furry fuzzball will be under the table sneaking bites of turkey and all will be well this holiday season.
4. CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I love christmas eve best. All those folks out there opening their hearts in the starry night.

puggerhugger said...

helloooooo time to blog, missy.