Saturday, June 7, 2008

This and That

I am about a week behind inmy posting.
Last Monday I lost 1.8 at weigh in.
This week may not be so good, as I have been only 1/2
on the wagon with the tracking. I know that I do better
when I track every single bite.
I did however have a great exercise week.
I hit curves 4 yes 4 times this week.
That was big for me. I also did alot of baking this past
week. I did give most of it away though.
This coming Monday will be a good weigh in no matter
what the scale says.
I have been in craft overload mode lately.
I finished 9 of my 12 blocks for an afgan exchange,
shopped for and mailed out item for a black yarn swap,
and finished another prayer shawl. Now I need to finish my
last 3 afgan blocks then I want to start a new project. I have
no clue yet what that will be.

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