Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Update

Wow what a couple of weeks. I was stuck in weight loss heck on a plateau that I just couldn't break. The good news is I finally broke through and am going in the right direction once again. The insane heat we have been experiencing has helped with my water intake. It also helps with food choices since who wants heavy meals when they are already hot and sticky?

Exercise has been so so. I do go to the gym but not as often as I should. I never miss a Tuesday spin class but need to get my mojo back in that area. It does help that we are now playing volley ball every Tuesday evenign from 7 - 9pm. It is great exercise and even better fun.

I did it, I did it. I finally got the second tattoo that I have been wanting. It is a nice little Koi fish. Now I have one overtop of each part of my chest. Even though I know it will be awhile I am already planning the next one I want. Most probably on my right calf. I am thinking a nice free flowing branch with blossoms on it. That one will be my Earth tattoo. The one after that will be a styalized Phoneix to represent fire. Once that one is finished I will have one each for air, water, earth and fire. I think that will be all, but one never knows what the future brings.

My crafting has picked up a little bit. There are several new designs I want to try out and I will this time. I am learning to work with thinner yarn and smaller hooks. I even treated myself to some recycled cashmere yarn in a beautiful rasberry color. So soft, and so pretty. That will be saved for a very special project I have in mind. Now I just need some in black to compliment the berry. Maybe I should write to the person i bought it from and ask that she keep me in mind in case she comes across any.

I have been playing around with the idea of sharing this blog with some friends online. I know I can trust them to see me in all my weakness and still like me for me. They have been a big part of many of these journeys anyway so I should share with them.

Well, I have rattled on for longer than planned so I will close for now and come back again soon.

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