Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleep Who Needs It ?

The answer to that one would most likely be me.
Construction on and near our street for the past few weeks.
I don't mind the beeping and the rumbling of hte machienes, but the not parking in my own driveway, that is annoying.
They sent us a notice sayign for 2 days we would have to park elsewhere.
That has now turned into a week of getting up at 5:45am so that I can move my car before they start for the day. I DO NOT like the idea of parking it where I can't see it all night.
Now it will be at least the end of the week before we can park at home again.
If it rains that delays it even more. Guess what, rain is on the horizon. YEAH!!!
In case you can't tell, lack of sleep makes me grumpy.

On the home front, doo doo head poopy face aka bob is pushing my buttons.
As a matter of fact he has invented a few new one to push.
One day really soon I am going to push back then LOOK OUT!!
He will not know what hit him.
It is all good if he wants to change the rules,b ut if I do then the answer is always no.
Makes me tempted to cook nothign but eggs and tuna for a week.
He is mildly alergic to both. ;-)

On the crafting friont I finished one prayer shawl and mailed it out.
I have another that I am kind of stalled on.
I know why I am stalled on it. It is the one I started while in FL.
I find it difficult to work on it knowing I was praying for Tom when I started it.
I will finish it and have plans to send it to another cancer patient to have.
There is no way I could keep this one. Too many emmmotions attached to it.

On the weight and exercise front I have broken my plateau.
I am back to the gym 3 days a week. I still want to get back to evcery other day and am working on it a little at a time. The weight is slowly starting to come off again.
I need to concentrate on the details to make it happen.
Small healthy meals and good choices for snacks.

Well, thats wnough for now. Will write more in a few days.

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