Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 %

It is amazing what we will do for 10%.
Be it 10% off a store sale, or in this case 10% off my weight.
I have been on weight watchers twice now.
The first time I did ok, but never could reach that 1st benchmark of 10%.
I was beginning to think that i would not make it this time either.
I sat home on Sunday night ready to just give it all up.
I mean why bother to try when you are going to fail anyway.
Then, I went to my meeting on Monday night.
When she told me I was down 1.8 pounds I was in shock.
That meant I had reached that elusive goal of 10% of my body weight gone.
I started grinning like a nut, and didn't stop the whole night.
I was amazed at how much it caused me to want to get to that next 10% gone.
The good thing about the 2nd round is it takes a little less to get there.
Now this does not mean it will be easy, but it will be easier because it has already been done.