Friday, August 1, 2008

SWOAB swap on a budget

Wow, did I get an awesome package all teh way from the North Coast of Scotland. Magnusmog sent so many great items. She even thought of my two cats. :) Lets see, there is a great pencil, 2 cat toys, a package of stickers (which I will use on special gifts,) a skein of inca cloud alpaca in a great deep rick pink, a skein of 100% wool in a heathered purple, a great hank of HOMESPUN white, and a SECOND skein of HOMESPUN mixed red. Then there was the best ever HOMEMADE hat. I love it!!!! As youcan see It is the hat I am wearing in my newest ravatar. :) The colors are a mix of HANDDYED purple, red, and hot pink. There was even a great card. To top it all off, she even wrapped alot of it in dragonfly paper. I love dragonflys. I even managed to save the largest piece. THANK YOU so much Miss Jerri. :)

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