Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 is a great number

Last night at weigh in I was down 3 pounds.
I was shocked to be honest. I had that bloated
feeling all day. I am sure that all the walking I did last week helped me.
We had a challenge and I bid 500 walking minutes.
I ended up doing 590. That included a 2 1/2 hour walk
that I took with my husband. We started out thinking
a quick walk to main street and back. It turned into a 4 mile
long journey into foot pain. :)
I really enjoy going for long walks, but hate to carry my
water bottle along. I need to make one of those crocheted
water bottle holders that hang off of your shoulder.
That way I can stay hydrated and walk longer.

On another craft note, I have been making dishcloths.
I have found a pattern I like that is easy to follow.
That makes me more willing to keep making them till
I can both share some and use some. Now I just need to
go and buy some more surgar and cream cotton.
I think I like the varigated the best so far.

Till next week or so. :)

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