Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday survival

I did it, Isurvived my birthday with a small amount of 3/4 of a
ppund down. I was very concerned as I really did not count
points very well this past week. I figured that 1 week out of 52 I
was going to enjoy. I know know that I can MODERATLY enjoy
almost anything. I did still go work out 2 days and I think that
helped me quite a bit. It is funny that even when I was going
to allow myself to "be bad" I was more carefull than I used
to be. We hit a buffet and I had 1 1/2 plates instead of my
more normal 3 to 4 plates. Even dessert was in moderation
this time. I had two small quarter size pieces of fudge and
about 1/3 cup of banana pudding. Slowly but surly this
journey continues.

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