Thursday, March 6, 2008

To Share or not to share

Well, I have been trying to decide if I wanted to share this or not.
Then I figured why not, maybe someone else can relate.
I am obese, not fat, not overweight, and not fluffy.
This is a new start not for looks, but for health.
When going up stairs or getting up off the floor is difficult, it is
time to make some changes. It is amazing how easily we decieve ourselves
into thinking that all is well, and that it is only a pound or two.
Well, let me tell you that 30 or 40 pounds extra on top of already being a big girl DO NOT HELP!!!
My plan of choice for now is weight watchers.
I need the accountability of a meeting and a weight in that is public.
I know that this MUST be a new lifestyle, not a diet.
Diets FAIL, I know I have tried most of them.
So, since this blog is a new start of sorts, thought I would share my other new start as well. See you all again soon.


Dee said...

I think it shows incredible strength of character and commitment to be able to post this. Just doing so helps ensure a certain level of effort.

I know its not easy, but I'll support you in anyway I can. More than that, you have the best support possible in Philippins 4:13 - "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Anne Kaelber said...

I came across your blog while "blogstalking" all the participants of FCS3. I reached this post (reading backwards) and felt the need to comment a couple of things:

1. In the process of changing your body for health, please *please* don't forget that you are already beautiful (and I say that *because* you posted a picture!). As a big girl myself (I need to lose 100 more pounds, at least!), it's all too easy to get caught up in the "obese" part and forget the beauty that still shines through. So, this is your reminder: you are beautiful!

2. You *can* do this. I'll try to remember to stop by and "check on you" every now and then, to support your effort.

3. I've been considering "going public" on my own blog about my steady decline since September. You've given me more reason for doing so---accountability, of sorts and also support for those out there doing the same work and scared to fail. I will report that this last week, I lost .6 pounds. Not a lot, but considering how "bad" I was this week, I'm pleased.

Keep working hard. And keep celebrating *you* as you go!