Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wow it has been awhile.

Well hello everyone.
Since a friend mentioned that she was going to be looking at blogs today it encouraged me to do at least a quick update. 

It has been over a year as I always forget to take the time to put my random thoughts on paper. So very much has happened since I've been here last. My friend, Pastor and boos of the last 5 years has retired. A new younger model has taken his place. Still adjusting to this one but it is all good. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my special friend referenced in my last post or two. In my opinion thing s are better than ever. There are those in my life that don't approve of the relationship and the good thing is they don't need to. Many changes in store for the next phase that will take about a year to complete. The above picture was part of his Christmas present in 2011. Took over 200 shots to get 12 or so that I really liked. Remind me next time to do this when it is above 40 degrees out. 

Still on my weight loss journey. Had my 3 year surgery anniversary back in November and am holding steady at 152 pounds lost. I do need to get back on the exercise bandwagon. It is so east to skip one day then the next. For overall health I MUST get back to basics. 

On the crafting front I am still shy about trying to make an article of clothing for myself. I have the yarn and the hooks but lack not the ability, but the confidence to try. One day I will just say screw it and start a project. There is a skirt and a sweater that I really want and eventually will have. Still enjoy making shawls, scarves, hats and fingerless mitts. 

Love cooking and baking. Thanks to the wonderful fb posts from a friend I am branching out and trying many new things. Some days the experiments work, others not fit for random passing wildlife. It is quite fun to try though. 

Trying to learn that pleasing oneself is not a bad thing and can actually be good for you. Difficult to overcome many years of training to please everyone else first is not easy. Some day I will find the balance needed. 

Well, that is enough for now. Will TRY to update more than once a year. 


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Maven said...

LOL @ "not fit for wildlife."